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Tickets for Ritual Rave X Doofpot on 20.07.2024 are now available!

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Ritual Rave is dedicated to preserving and reviving the essence of dance as a ritual. We believe that the harder sounds of underground music evoke a similar sense of unity and togetherness that was once found in tribal drumming of ancient times. Our parties are designed to transport individuals back to the roots of communal celebration and self-expression. We aim to foster a sense of community and belonging through the power of music and dance.

Ritual Rave is built on a foundation of authenticity and inclusivity. We are committed to preserving the original spirit of rave culture by refusing to popularise or commercialise our ideas and ideals. We believe that commercialisation detracts from the ritualistic aspect of dance, which is central to our mission.

We celebrate the diversity of our community and welcome all individuals, regardless of their sexuality, ethnicity, gender identity, background or expression. We strive to create a safe environment for all, and we do not tolerate hate or discrimination of any kind. Social control is the only form of enforcement we believe in, meaning that we rely on our attendees to actively work towards a safe experience for everyone. When you attend our events, we invite you to actively participate and become part of this temporary community.

We understand that our organisation is not a global solution, but rather a local one that exists within a defined space. We aim to leave as little trace as possible, and we do not seek to impose our ideals on a permanent scale. Rather, we offer a temporary experience and opportunity for self-expression and community building. We stand united against repression of the underground and revolutionary movements.



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