acidcore, acidtekno, mental
melodic, tribal, entrancing


Introducing Ekwazz, hailing from the north of France, a talented producer renowned for his captivating blend of Mental and acidcore genres. With a distinctively dark, industrial, and tribal sound, Ekwazz crafts immersive livesets using Ableton and the Elektron Analog Rytm.

With a musical journey spanning six years, Ekwazz's exploration into acidcore and tekno was ignited by the discovery of the vibrant free party scene in Belgium and the inspiring sounds of artists like Lehu on SoundCloud. For Ekwazz, music serves as a raw expression of his emotions, providing a medium to channel his deepest feelings into sonic landscapes. For him, making music isn't just a creative outlet; it's a profound means of connecting with others and sharing his innermost being with the world.

Drawing influence from artists such as Bandikoot, Tommers, IND, and Introspective Views, Ekwazz finds inspiration in the mystical allure of the forest, which serves as a significant source of creativity. Through his music, he aims to convey a range of emotions, often exploring darker themes as a means of creating imagery through sound.


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