acidcore, acidtekno, mental
melodic, melancholic, energetic


Introducing Samuraku, hailing from Belgium, whose musical journey began in 2017 and has since evolved into the realm of acidcore. His sound is best described as dynamic, melodic, and occasionally melancholic, with elements of trance and progressive vibes woven throughout.

Samuraku's journey into acidcore and tekno music stemmed from his background in the metalscene, transitioning into the hardcore scene before finding his niche in the electronic underground. Samuraku's music is a testament to his passion for blending genres and pushing musical boundaries. Influenced by artists like Enko, Acid Division, Mr. Gasmask, Vikkei, and Albiovix, he draws inspiration from the diverse sounds of the acidcore and tekno scene.

For Samuraku, making music is about more than just creating sounds—it's about the dance, the freedom it brings, and the opportunity to connect with oneself and others on a deeper level. With his music, he invites listeners to join him on a journey of healing, self-discovery, and connection through the power of sound.


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