acidcore, acidtekno, tekno
melodic, tribal, entrancing, energetic


Introducing Albiovix, hailing from the Ghent Region of Belgium, a visionary artist crafting a unique blend of rave genre music that defies traditional boundaries. His sonic palette traverses a spectrum from heavier techno to hardcore, often infused with elements of acid and deep trance atmospheres, interwoven with break beats and abstract sounds reminiscent of the underground sound.

Albiovix's sound is characterized by its progressive and explosive nature, delivering a sonic experience that is simultaneously melancholic and intense. Drawing inspiration from early experiences attending concerts and festivals within the heavier genres of metal music, he discovered his affinity for the world of tekno and acidcore, resonating deeply with artists like Mr. Gasmask, Subway Shamans, Odisoa, and many others.

His music serves as a reflection of his inner being, expressing complex emotions and inner thoughts that transcend verbal communication. With releases like Narcosis XX under his belt, he continues to push creative boundaries, exploring the possibility of side projects to further expand his musical horizons.

For Albiovix, making music is not just a creative outlet but a means of catharsis, providing a space to channel energy and emotions that may otherwise go unexpressed. It serves as a universal language, allowing him to connect with others on a deeper level, transcending the limitations of words.


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