In order to guarantee the best possible experience for everyone, we need you to consent with our manifesto. Please read this carefully before buying a ticket.

Ritual Rave is dedicated to preserving* and reviving* dance as a ritual.

Ritual Rave is an opportunity for you to express yourself* and find a community. We celebrate diversity and welcome all, regardless of sexuality*, ethnicity*, gender identity*, background* or expression*.

We stand united against repression* of the underground and revolutionary movements. We reject the commercialisation* of rave culture.

Our gatherings are not a global solution, but a local one that exists within a defined space. We want to leave as little trace as possible and not impose* our ideals* on a permanent scale.

We have a strict no-photo policy. We will take general photos where every attendee will be unrecognisable* to guarantee as much anonymity* as possible. Please let the photographers know if you do not wish to be photographed.

When you attend our events, we invite you to actively participate in our attempt at a safe(r) space* and become part of this temporary community.

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